With 8 drivers to choose from. How will you make your decision?

Gamefaqs.com have some statistics on the drivers that may help you make your decision.

I was always a TOAD man, I don’t think I ever raced with another driver. If someone else picked TOAD before me;


Based on the statistics, YOSHI gets his highest speed the fastest, whilst TOAD has the fastest time getting to 30kpmh.  PEACH has an annoying voice and Donkey Kong is a monkey. Mario and Luigi are exactly the same. Bowser gets the shits when people choose to race around his castle & Mario has an evil brother?? I thought that was Luigi..Didn’t Luigi hook up with Peach…or am I getting confused with Ryan Giggs.

I digress

Check out the rest of the stats at the link below

Driver Stats: http://bit.ly/1iWWXmC


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