Established in Sydney, Australia, SHABBA Events will bring you the very best in Live Entertainment.

SHABBA’s Mission:

For every event to be an absolute riot. period.

SHABBA Events presents PRESS PLAY

A retro themed night that combines various forms of live entertainment: Gaming, music, art and fashion into one jam packed night of excitement.

The central focus of PRESS PLAY will be the Mario Kart Nintendo 64 tournament, consisting of 16 participants (4 groups). The night will also feature music from a selection of popular DJ’s and live art from talented street artists as well as prizes for best dressed (Nintendo/Retro themed). There will also be gaming consoles for casual gamers to partake in.

PRESS PLAY presents an opportunity for patrons to teleport themselves back to their childhood. Where there wasn’t a care in the world, where making new friends was effortless, and having a great time was a priority.

With the very best in live entertainment showcased on the night, PRESS PLAY can guarantee the aforementioned experiences for patrons.

Patrons will relish in the opportunity to showcase their skills and passion for Nintendo gaming and when combined with retro themed street-art and throwback music, the night will undoubtedly be a memorable one.

More information on PRESS PLAY will be released leading up to the event on AUGUST 23.


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